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  • Woman floating on her back in water
    Mikveh Ritual for Graduating from College, by Heather Paul

    We immerse in Your living waters to mark our voyage toward new beginnings

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  • Feet hiking
    A New Traveler's Prayer, by Devon Spier

    How do we decide to be who we are meant to be?
    Are we to unfurl a scroll and walk the length of our ancestors?

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  • Three friends of different races hugging
    Chosen Family, by Kelly Kossar

    Longing for what I never had / Grieving for my reality / For what I will never have...

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  • Sketch of sefirot by Susan Richards
    A Kabbalistic Meditation for the Omer, by Ariel Neshama Lee

    This meditation invites you to see yourself taking a journey into the Tree of Life

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Ritualwell invites you to submit new content related to Father’s Day. We are seeking guest blog posts, rituals, poems, prayers, songs… whatever you can imagine. For some specific ideas, see below.

- Reflections on masculinity and gender identity connected to fatherhood
- Beyond the necktie: non-material or unusual gifts for fathers
- Developing compassion for one’s father as one becomes an adult
- Who is the ideal Jewish father? From the Bible and beyond

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