Discussing the Name

Found In: Covenant & Naming Rituals

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Most people allot time in their ceremony to talk about their choice of a name for their child. You will want to speak about the people he or she is named after as well as any biblical namesakes. You can discuss the specific characteristics of these people that you hope your child will embody.

Some couples fashion an acrostic choosing a verse from Torah for each letter in their child's name. The acrostic can be printed on the birth announcement or invitation and read at the ceremony.

An example for the name Miriam follows:

מ  Oh how I love your Torah; It is my study all day long.  

ר   See how I love your Precepts, Lord. Grant me life as your love is unchanging.

י   Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.

מ   How sweet are Your words in my mouth; Sweeter on my tongue than honey.

All of the above verses are taken from Psalm 119, which is among the psalms that are organized alphabetically (Each verse of the psalm begins with a different letter of the alphabet). Other such psalms include Psalm 25 and 145.